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ETS International Transportation Services

Our fleet includes luxury sedans, stretch limousines, 15-passenger vans, SUVs and buses. We are committed to replacing all vehicles after approximately two years, ensuring that their appearance and mechanical performance is always of the highest quality.

  • All vehicles are owned and operated by ETS International
  • Our rigorous preventative maintenance schedule includes oil changes every 3,000 miles, tire replacement and complete engine tune-ups every 25,000 miles.
  • All vehicles are equipped with two-way radios and cellular telephones. ETS International maintains both liability and collision insurance, as required by the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Massachusetts Port Authority.


Luxury Sedan

Chauffeured SUV

Sprinter Van

20 Passenger Bus

25-33 Passenger Mini-Coach

Motor Coach

Your Expectations Drive Us!

I just wanted to let you know that Billy was just as you described, AMAZING! The kids were, of course, excited, my sister was extremely relieved not to have to turn around and drive into Boston with the day they had but I have to say that my EXTREME pleasure came in watching Billy with my 77-year-old mother. To say he treated her like gold in an understatement. He was totally concerned in her getting in and out of the SUV and was just so incredibly patient and quite honestly almost (in a really cute way) pushed me out of the way so that he could take care of her ( I felt like my oldest brother was there being “The Man” if you know what I mean)

Anyway, you all too often, I am sure, get instant complaints but more than likely not as many instant compliments. Just wanted you to know. Thank you!

Peggy Mullen

Hunt Community, Weymouth, MA

It’s been far and away the best year we’ve had in the 10+ years of doing this. And I’m not knocking the other companies, most were smaller than yours. But as someone who takes a ton of pride in what I do, I have an appreciation, and respect, for those who go above and beyond to make sure it’s right. See, I’m really in the service industry myself. And my name, and my brand matters to me, which is why I try to do it right every night. So I can hopefully recognize, and certainly, appreciate that you do the same.

That’s a long-winded answer to your question, which is, “it’s been great”.

Sean Grande

98.5 Sports Hub, Weymouth, MA

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