…it’s been far and away the best year we’ve had in the 10+ years of doing this. And I’m not knocking the other companies, most were smaller than yours. But as someone who takes a ton of pride in what I do, I have an appreciation, and respect, for those who go above and beyond to make sure it’s right. See, I’m really in the service industry myself. And my name, and my brand, matters to me, which is why I try to do it right every night. So I can hopefully recognize, and certainly appreciate that you do the same.

That’s a long-winded answer to your question, which is, “it’s been great”. quote end
Sean Grande – 98.5 Sports Hub



I just wanted to let you know that Billy was just as you described, AMAZING! The kids were of course excited, my sister was extremely relieved not to have to turn around and drive into Boston with the day they had but I have to say that my EXTREME pleasure came in watching Billy with my 77 year old mother. To say he treated her like gold in an understatement. He was totally concerned in her getting in and out of the SUV and was just so incredibly patient and quite honestly almost (in a really cute way) pushed me out of the way so that he could take care of her ( I felt like my oldest brother was there being “The Man” if you know what I mean)

Anyway, you all too often, I am sure, get instant complaints but more than likely not as many instant compliments. Just wanted you to know.

Thank you! quote end
Peggy Mullen – Hunt Community



I just wanted to let you know that your affiliate that picked-up my 87 year old mother in Fort Lauderdale yesterday and drove her to West Palm to pick up her shipped vehicle would not leave her unattended until she was safely outside of what is considered an unsafe neighborhood; it was midnight at the time.Thank you for the excellent service no matter where we seem to need you. HAPPY NEW YEAR PALquote end
Jeff Lynch – Enterprise Equipment Co., Inc.



Your company is the best. Thank you for picking our daughter up at Logan and bringing her home for us. She just returned from Army deployment in the Persian Gulf, and you made her return in style a nice touch. Tom the driver was terrific. We look forward to using you in the future. quote end
Thank you and Happy Holidays from the Matthew Family



I have used the services of ETS international on my trip into Boston last year. The company was first class. The chauffeur arrived at our hotel early and was very knowledgeable of the city. Having never been to Boston before I wanted to see all of the traditional tourist destinations including but not limited to “Cheers”. Being in this industry has provided me the opportunity to work along side many limousine companies throughout the nation. The services provided by ETS international were undoubtedly some of the best services I experienced. It is with my highest recommendation I encourage anyone in the Massachusettsquote endmarket to take advantage of the opportunity to let ETS show you the sights and make your trip one to remember!!!
Brian O’Neill



In the present times we live in and especially in this industry, clients reach out on a daily basis complaining about almost everything. It’s the nature of the business. Recently, around 7:30 p.m., a client called our reservation center and requested to speak to a manager. My immediate reaction was to ask dispatch if an issue took place in any city recently. I searched the dispatch board for an issue and could not find one. As I answered the call, the client’s voice was calm and delightful. The caller just wanted to inform us of the excellent chauffeur they had experienced in Boston. Your name was mentioned several times. Sunny and I would like to thank you for all your efforts. ETS and SUNNY’S are very aware of the responsibilities our chauffeurs are given. It is because of chauffeurs like yours, who, day in and day out, meet the challenges our sales department present and trust our clients have in us with each reservation. quote endFrom all of us at SUNNY’S, we present to you a token of our appreciation!

Terry Cox
Vice President
SUNNY’S Worldwide Transportation



I wanted to provide some positive feedback on my experience on Wednesday, November 2. I was accompanying my colleague, Samir Khushalani, in whose name the reservation was made. The chauffeur gave me a card identifying him only as Patrick. Patrick was courteous, responsive and provided exceptional service during the day as Samir and I went from one meeting to the next. His level of service deserves to be recognized, and I would be happy to quote endwork with your company again if my travels bring me back to Boston.

Managing Director, Advisory Services



I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was having Dave L. as our chauffeur. According to everyone in my party, his professionalism, punctuality and balanced friendliness made for a perfect evening! The next time we desire limo services you can be certain we will contact ETS International and requesting Dave L.quote end

Michael G.



Many Congrats!! It is good to know that we have been using a high quality company for our car service needs. Keep up the good work…but please quote enddo not let the awards cause a rate increase. Best wishes for your continued success.



Thank you for having the confirmations sent over and also setting up the car to pick up my colleague here at Organogenesi .great job as usual and quote endmuch appreciated!

Lisa Nourse
Meeting Planner, Organogenesis, Inc.

quoteCONGRATULATIONS John, Peter, and all your staff. You are truly worthy recipients of this award.  Everyone we work with from ETS is so pleasant, helpful and willing to bend over backward to accommodate us.  I recommend your services whenever I have a chance.quote end

Again, CONGRATULATIONS, ETS . you deserve this!

Barbara Johnson
Assistant to Melissa Bradford-Klug, Vice President
Business Development and Licensing, Covidien Pharmaceuticals

quoteAs a Hospitality Professional that travels extensively throughout the world, excellent service is something that I truly value, and never take for granted. Whether serving as a panelist, speaker at a conference, or addressing staff at a Hotel, I cite ETS International as a model for success.Peter and John Greene have over the last three years developed a culture that is 110% focused on the customer. They don’t do it with corporate cliches and buzz words, but by leading through example.

I am proud to have been among the companies first customers. This occurred because I was unhappy with the other companies in the Boston area, my Home Base, and I tried them all(big and small). Whoever said timing in life is everything certainly described the situation. This is a company with people every step of the way who care about the customer, and it show’s. The quality of product and service is consistently superb. They ensure that wherever I travel my arrangements are taken care of and my transportation is seamless. Writing a testimonial is not something as a policy I do, as I take recommending a service personally. This is an exception to my rule, as I don’t quote endconsider it a testimonial, but more of a service to my fellow travelers.

Jed C. Heller, President, The Providence Group, L.L.C.

quoteJust a short note of thanks for exceeding my expectations on Saturday evening. It was no small feat to make the entire event seem so effortless, and I thank you so much for going well above and beyond the call of duty by personally managing this yourself.

Due to this event, I can promise you that ETS will become one of my preferred vendors and I will look very forward to a wonderful working relationship.

I very much appreciate all of the extra work, time, dedication and management you put into this, as well as that of the staff on Saturday. To say I was impressed is an understatement (and once you get to know me, you’ll realize how incredibly hard that is to do!)

Thank you for a Job Well Done!!quote end

Please let me know what the final charges will be and I’d like to speak with you before they go through. Thank you!

Paula Marrero, Marrero Weddings and Events

quoteETS did a wonderful job with all of our travel for Winter and Legends Classic! Everything was made very easy for us. I’d like to set up an account under Kerry Collins so next time we need services we don’t have to book under Bob.quote end

Liz Serpico, Community Relations Coordinator, Boston Bruins

quoteThank you so much for all your help! Everything was perfect (besides the rain!).  Kevin and his friend went above and beyond.  And the bus was amazing! (I was expecting a school bus type thing). Thank you so much.  You guys are the best.quote end

Sarah Higgins, Event Manager, Boston Bruins Foundation

quoteThanks for always taking such great care of our players. If there is ever anything that I can do for you, please let me know.quote end

Best regards,

Matthew Chmura, Director of Communications, Boston Bruins

quoteI wanted to thank you for limo service this past weekend that I used to T.F. Green!  I really appreciate it; it was great to experience ETS first hand – so now I quote endknow why our clients prefer your company! Both drivers (Joe & Sean) were personable & professional.  Thanks for everything!


Kevin Crouse, Corporate Travel Consultant,  Atlas Travel International

quoteI have been meaning to reach out to you about your company. I am very happy with your employees and their service.   Scott, Noreen, and Dave have done an outstanding job with my attendees. They make my job much easier and I have a lot of confidence that my attendees will get where they are supposed to be at each of my programs. I just wanted you to know that and I wish them the very best as well this holiday season! “quote end

Lisa Nourse, Meeting Planner, Organogenesis, Inc

quoteMay you have continued success.  Any light shining through the rain drops in this recession is certainly encouraging.”quote end

Neal Biron, CLTC, MBA

quoteYou are obviously great men and great businessmen! Congratulations on your success.  I am so happy for you, Peter and your entire staff.  Wheels above the rest.quote end

Beverly Jarosz, Director of Development,
Lupus Foundation of New England

quoteEverything went very well. Thanks again for all the great service!quote end

Darrin W. Clinton

quoteThe service has been great!

Lisa Nourse, Meeting Planner, Organogenesis, Inc

quoteThanks! Just so you know I have been impressed with your team and their responsiveness throughout this trip (even when I email at O-dark-hundred!). Thank you for the excellent service!quote end


quoteJust wanted to thank you for everything. Working with Kevin and ETS was great and very accommodating.quote end

Joanne Linhares, Executive Assistant to Gary Gillheeney, Organogenesis, Inc

quoteThank you so much for all of your assistance with the event and your extreme patience with of our constant updates and changes!  It was great working with a company that is understanding and accommodating to changes. I hope to be calling on you in the future as I would LOVE to come back when I have time to explore your fantastic city. Cheers!quote end

Renée Epperly, Senior Event Planner, Nike, Inc

quoteJust wanted to pass this along to you, Mr. Greene. KUDOS and thank you for your excellent service.quote end

Bob Lockett , Director of Operations, GoLimo.com

quoteAlthough my flight into Boston was an hour late, I enjoyed the ride and your driver Sean McInerney was very courteous, professional and a pleasure to talk to along the way. Earlier in the evening, I called in from Minneapolis to check on the car service as I knew we would be an hour late, and I am not sure who I spoke with, but he was very nice and already knew my status and asked me if an SUV would be okay, and I said quite okay.

Thanks again, and now I can tell our clients that I have personally experienced your service, and it was top notch, and the vehicle was spotless! Have a great afternoon!quote end

Tracy Snelling, Manager of Client Relations , Atlas Travel